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Milosz Siajkowski - new flow member

Welcome our new flow member !

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Wojtas - Couple lines from skatepark.

Couple actions from Wojtas made on V-1 frame - nice ride and chill music.

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Czarny winter edit.

Planty of good grinds and nice ride - Just Czarnys' winter edit.

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Birthday video from Granat

Collection of stuff filmed in 2011/2012 and edited for Granats' birthday.

Your Mantra

Kuba has just sent us nice foto of his V-1 frame with paint removed.
Nice! We do want raw frames!

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Niewasko - video mag #14 released

Niewasko is a video mag from polish bmx scene. Couple weeks ago the guys from niewasko visited our local skatepark with a camera. Now they released #14th edition of their mag.

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Mycek & Wojciech

Mycek (Colony) and Wojciech (MantraBmxCo.) our local heros released their nice short edit. Nice to see pure street action on skatepark.


Czarny edit

Czarny is one of our friends from the city and we decided to put his vid here. Just nice street actions from Wroclove.

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